About me

After 20 years in Germany I have not only gained perfect skills in the German language, but also a comprehensive understanding of language, culture and communication in Germany. Thanks to yearly visits to Canada, I have constant feedback on current linguistic and cultural events in both languages and am therefore able to optimally adapt texts to meet individual demands.
I accept texts from all fields. I take particual pleasure in translating texts from my fields of specialization: social sciences, education, linguistics and literature.

My Philosophy

Translation is much more than simply converting a text from one language into another, just as language is more than just a collection of words. Language can convey many things at once: meaning, emotions, rhythm, images, cultural assumptions, just to name a few. I therefore see it as my task as a translator to take in all aspects of a text and reproduce these in translation, thereby taking cultural discrepancies into consideration. It can be a complex and difficult task, but is also a very rewarding one and one I do passionately.

Curriculum Vita


  • Studies in education (Staatsexamen) at the University of Education in Freiburg
  • Studies in linguistics, English literature and sociology at the University of Freiburg
  • Studies in English literature and psychology at the University of New Brunswick, Canada

Work Experience

  • since 1999 part-time translator
  • since May 2014 freelance translator
  • 6 years experience as a teacher of English as a foreign language in Germany